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How Rude!
I am soooooo frustrated right now! I am trying to set a doctor’s appointment for my son and can’t even get through to the appointment desk. I have called [...]
Little Pieces Of Me
Everyone seems to have a list about themselves, so I thought, “Why not share some of my specializes with the all of you? You deserve to have a little [...]
Cate and Levi Collection Product Review
I had discovered Cate and Levi when I reviewed one of their adorable hand puppets made from reclaimed wool.  I love that each piece is unique, eco-friendly [...]
My Addiction
Hi, my name is Crazy and I…am an addict. I am addicted to ICE. No, I don’t shoot up or smoke meth. I’m talking about actual ice. You know, the stuff you [...]
Here Kitty, Kitty
My gay boyfriend called me this morning. His cat managed to slip out last night when he went to walk his dog and he wanted me to keep a lookout for her [...]
Sadness and Giggles
Do you ever feel guilty for being happy when there is so much sadness around you? I watch the news and am horrified and saddened by what’s happening [...]
Singing A Lullaby Never Felt So Good
singing would be part of my mommy duties. It wasn’t a duty that I took to very naturally. To be honest, I’m not a very good singer. Everyone [...]
Dolls Are For Girls
Every day at around noon, I pick up my three year old son from preschool. When he gets situation in the car, I ask him about his time at school and hope to [...]
Too Many Grey Hairs To Pull Out
I have grey hair. I never thought that I would care when I got grey hair.  I liked my hair natural and didn’t feel a need to color it.  In fact, I [...]
Painting On A Whim
In my eternal quest to do something interesting and creative with my spare time, I’ve decided to start painting and to open an Etsy shop so that I [...]